How I published my first CreateSpace book
Many authors have used CreateSpace with great success and I've happily suggested it to clients. But just how easy is it to turn a manuscript into a perfectly produced paperback?

10 – Adding colour to the mix

​I'd now completed the first draft of two chapters. That second was a toughie. It had been the busiest of days and the content covered many of the locations most tourists aim for – Spanish Steps, People's Square, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain...

I was using the trip's itinerary as my starting point and this worked on two levels - first, the book would follow a natural schedule, and second, the book could be used as a mini guide. Although I had no target audience (the purpose of the book was to test CreateSpace), I did want it to be worth the effort.

Whilst my memoir would be very self-indulgent, it would also contain interesting facts about the locations visited.

Accompanying those facts with my own images could produce an absorbing book, I hoped. Absorbing to whom? Possibly just me!

CreateSpace base their royalties on certain criteria – no images, black and white images, or colour images. I was already aware that the royalties paid to me would be low, but as I wasn't writing my book for fame and fortune, I had to go with colour images.