How I published my first CreateSpace book
Many authors have used CreateSpace with great success and I've happily suggested it to clients. But just how easy is it to turn a manuscript into a perfectly produced paperback?

15 – Ready, steady, print!

Yes, I was finally at the point of printing the book.

I had edited and checked the text as it sat in the CreateSpace template, and inserted the photos and checked their alignment. There was nothing more I could do until I had a proof copy to check, so this was my next stage.

The Word template has to be converted into a PDF – that's straightforward enough, I'd saved each version as a compressed PDF.

But what of the cover? CreateSpace offers several layouts and I picked a landscape option that suited my choice for the image. The back blurb was already drafted and soon copied in. That was it – nothing else was needed. Can it really have been that simple?

I knew the images might prove to be an issue, I’d already been aware of that. But I’d decided that even if CreateSpace warned me that some photos might appear ‘fuzzy’, I’d click on accept. All of the authors I deal with are publishing books without images in the content, so the quality of the images only mattered to me. Yes, I wanted them to be an acceptable quality, but I wasn’t going to remove them.

CreateSpace do not check for typos – that’s down to the author. They will check for technical issues, whatever they might be. Within a few hours (a lot fewer than the twenty-four I was instructed to expect), I received confirmation that the content was accepted. There was nothing left to do but order a proof copy.

The book can be downloaded and checked as a PDF (free of charge), but that’s how I’d developed the content and it’s important to do a final check with the content in an unfamiliar format. It’s worth noting that purchasing the proof copy is the first cost incurred. How much? This copy of the book will cost $6.59 plus delivery. There are three delivery options: standard ($4.88 six weeks), expedited ($7.99 two weeks) and priority ($14.38 days). I opted for expedited and the total cost (at current exchange rates) was £9.36 – as the book is produced in America, I was sceptical that it could arrive within days, so decided to keep the costs down!

Before making that final commitment, I scanned through the pages on-line, just to check alignment and that the pages were set out clearly. Having those potential problems removed would enable me to focus on text errors.

Manuscripts should be proofread before they are submitted to CreateSpace. When you order your proof copy, you want it to be as free from errors as possible. If you've raced ahead and are concerned errors may have slipped in, it's not too late. I offer a CreateSpace safety net service – an affordable option that will check your final version before you commit to buying extra copies to sell direct.

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