How I published my first CreateSpace book
Many authors have used CreateSpace with great success and I've happily suggested it to clients. But just how easy is it to turn a manuscript into a perfectly produced paperback?

26 – Get writing!

The great thing about CreateSpace is that a book can be published without a budget. Some people dream of running a marathon and never get beyond running around the block a few times. Others dream of writing a book and holding it in their hands. If you have a plot running through your imagination, perhaps have even completed the first draft, why not consider self-publishing?

You don't need to be a Paula Radcliffe to run a marathon, nor do you need to be able to run a marathon to enjoy running – I'm proof of that! Writing a book is the same – you don't need to be a Hilary Mantel to write a book and enjoy it. 

You just need to write!