How I published my first CreateSpace book
Many authors have used CreateSpace with great success and I've happily suggested it to clients. But just how easy is it to turn a manuscript into a perfectly produced paperback?

07 – Chapter and verse

As excited as I was about the prospect of writing a travel memoir, I knew it still required structure. Chapters would need to be carefully balanced, allowing the reader to follow my story without it lurching from one tourist hot spot to another.

My arrival at the airport wasn’t without drama – nor was the first meeting with my fellow roaming Ramblers. Heathrow’s Terminal 5 was a new experience, not just for me. It had only recently opened and that in itself sets the scene for the opening chapter. A photo would be handy, so I emailed the airport’s media centre.

As I continued drafting chapters,I was surprised (and relieved) when forgotten memories returned.