How I published my first CreateSpace book
Many authors have used CreateSpace with great success and I've happily suggested it to clients. But just how easy is it to turn a manuscript into a perfectly produced paperback?

01 – Perfecting the art of procrastination...

The Spanish Steps
Choosing the subject for my first CreateSpace paperback was simple. It needed to be something that enthused and excited me. I had no time for writers' block.

All thoughts – and roads – led me to Rome. Six years ago I'd enjoyed a holiday in the city and I'd even written an article about the trip. That article covered one element of the holiday – and it was to become the bones of my book.

The holiday was a trip with the Ramblers. Photos taken – of which there were hundreds – were snapped to illustrate future writing.

The image shown here was taken at the Spanish Steps. The tour guide was rounding us up and holding her folder. It would make the perfect shot, if only she would stand a little to the left... Fortunately she obliged and I had the photo I wanted.

The copyright to that image is mine – but it includes the organisation's logo, so could I use it in my book?

An email to the Ramblers' media office would free me to move on and get to work, wouldn't it? Not quite. The manager was on holiday.

I had no choice but to begin writing.